Insexual Awakening v0.0030 [SexCurseStudio] Android

Adult Games Android

Overview :

progressing through each day as you choose which of your family members to interact with. By going through special scenes or playing various minigames, you can level up your relationship with that family member and your own boldness. The minigames are nothing too outrageous, ranging from button mashing to sliding box puzzles, to math. You have three difficulties to choose from in the minigames. These difficulties will determine both how many relationship points you get and if you will gain any boldness. New scenes will typically require you to reach a certain relationship level, as well as having your own boldness be high enough before you can encounter them.

fixed(minigame Julia + money cheat in Nate’s room)

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DOWNLOAD : >> GDrive l Mega > Size : 200MB

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